Portfolio Risk Management for Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Pension Plans, Endowments, CTAs and CPOs

Video 1: Why Us? Founder Aladin Abughazaleh explains the gap in portfolio risk monitoring services that ATA RiskStation™ was created to fill, its unique strengths, and how to get it working for you.

The videos you are about to watch have an interesting story. The first video explains why this risk platform was originally conceived and the problems it was trying to solve. The other two videos briefly demonstrate what it does and how it works.

As the founder of both an investment firm and then a service provider, I have spent three decades in the Alternative Investments space. I have since sold both businesses and have been much more focused on managing my own capital since 2010.

Video 2: Demonstration of risk modeling and stress testing functionality.

Having your net worth at risk every day is both sobering and motivating. Understanding your portfolio risks takes on a new urgency because the consequences of a large downside surprise are very personal. Abstract mathematical concepts that sounded great in graduate school, don’t mean much if you find yourself unprepared to deal with an unexpected “tail event”. I was not looking for a false sense of security from a single risk number. I wanted to develop a very broad perspective on my portfolio risks but needed a graphics-based presentation that would permit me to complete my daily risk reviews in fifteen minutes or less.

Video 3: Demonstration of interactive time-series engine.

I initially wanted to keep my life simple by buying something “off-the shelf” but could not find a commercially available risk solution that met all my requirements for breadth of instrument coverage, broad view of portfolio risk, ease of use and offered at a reasonable cost. With a long career in both alternative investments and financial technology, plenty of time and no adult supervision, I decided to build a risk platform for my personal use with no initial plans to commercialize it.

When the system was completed and rolled into production, I was delighted with the results. I am particularly pleased with the very broad perspective on my portfolio risks each day (when you watch the videos you will see what I mean).

The idea for commercializing my personal platform as a cloud-based risk solution came from my prime broker who felt that other family offices, hedge funds, pension plans and endowments could really benefit from daily access to the type of risk insights available to me. My first reaction was to dismiss the idea the first few times we discussed it. After giving it more thought, the serial entrepreneur part of me kicked in and I decided to pursue the idea. That is how ATA RiskStation™ was born.

The target market for ATA RiskStation™ includes hedge funds, family offices, pension plans (public and private), endowments, Commodity Trading Advisors, Commodity Pool Operators and long-only managers. If you fall into one of these groups or act as a service provider to one or more of these client segments, please visit our website and contact us if we can help by clicking the Information Request Form or by sending us an e-mail.

Thank you for watching.


Aladin Abughazaleh

Chief Executive Officer

ATA RiskStation, LLC