ATA RiskStation™ Client Reporting
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ATA RiskStation™ Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

ATA RiskStation™ does not provide risk or investment advice. Clients of ATA RiskStation™ must obtain their risk or investment advice from sources other than ATA RiskStation™. The service provided by ATA RiskStation™ is limited to data processing and reporting.

Clients assume responsibility for the accuracy of all the information provided to ATA RiskStation™, including, but not limited to, daily positions, account sizes, ownership percentages and dates when account sizes and ownership changes are updated.

ATA RiskStation™ makes no assurances about maximum loss limits and ATA RiskStation™ assumes that Clients fully understand and accept all responsibility for the risk scenarios implemented, at a Client’s request, on the ATA RiskStation™ platform.  ATA RiskStation™ assumes that Clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of all the risk models a Client has selected for each customized risk or stress testing scenario. ATA RiskStation™ makes no suitability assurances about any scenario or risk modeling methodology for any portfolio or financial situation of a Client.

Clients confirm that by adopting one or more ATA RiskStation™ default or sample risk scenarios, a Client understands such default or sample risk scenarios and deems them appropriate for the Client’s particular needs and further confirms that by providing such default or sample risk scenarios, ATA RiskStation™ is not making any assurances that such default or sample risk scenarios are appropriate for any portfolio or financial situation of a Client.

The ATA RiskStation™ service is offered subject to availability and accuracy of source position data, analytics and market data provided by third-party vendors, ATA RiskStation™, the Client, prime brokers and other parties and is subject to numerous risks, including, human error, undiscovered software bugs, connectivity interruptions or other risks.

Back-processing can produce different results due to market data or logic updates at downstream service providers. Factors, including, but not limited to, dividends, capital distributions, stock splits, delistings, mergers, consolidations and symbol changes can cause different output results after back-processing.

The ATA RiskStation™ service contains highly proprietary technology and reporting and the use by Clients of the ATA RiskStation™ service constitutes a Client’s agreement to maintain the confidentiality of such confidential information and to treat that confidential information with the same level of care as if it was the Client’s confidential information.

Each Client is required to sign a Client Services Agreement setting forth all terms and conditions of the agreement to use the ATA RiskStation™ service.

Privacy Policy

ATA RiskStation™ does not collect or use personally identifiable information on this website, except in responding to website visitors who voluntarily provide such information. ATA RiskStation™ does not sell or distribute personally identifiable information collected on this website to third parties.

ATA RiskStation™ may use non-personal information supplied by you or your browser to monitor the popularity and usefulness of this website’s links, features, and content. Non-personal information may be automatically collected through the use of “cookies,” which are small text files used to recognize repeat visitors and facilitate their user experience. ATA RiskStation™ does not use such non-personal information for commercial marketing.

ATA RiskStation™ reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time without advance notice. If there is a change in policy, the new policy will go into effect once it is posted.