ATA RiskStation™ is a participant in Schwab OpenView MarketSquare™


ATA RiskStation™ is an investment portfolio risk reporting service providing investors with a comprehensive daily review of risk exposures across all their individual accounts separately and in the aggregate.

The core premise of ATA RiskStation™ is that no single measure of risk is perfect and reliably models downside exposure in all market conditions and for all portfolio types.
Recognizing that individual risk models can include debatable assumptions about how market data is distributed, the stability of those distributions, the volatility of individual positions and the correlations between the portfolio holdings, it becomes clear that the final risk projections are highly dependent on many assumptions that may, or may not, hold true in the future. Furthermore, additional assumptions about the “correct” period of time to use for a risk analysis or the confidence level selected, further increase the range of projected risk outcomes from even a single risk model.

ATA RiskStation™ seeks to mitigate investor concerns about relying on any single model of risk by providing a much broader view of possible portfolio downside outcomes.
ATA RiskStation™ offers clients the ability to set up highly customized risk scenarios that use a variety of Value at Risk (“VaR”) and stress testing models. In addition, for each model, clients can define a broad range of associated inputs or parameter sets. ATA RiskStation™ permits the automated daily processing and reporting on up to seventy-four (74) investor-defined risk scenarios per day and then securely delivering the output over the Internet in a simple and highly intuitive graphical reporting format. Furthermore, clients will be able to drill down to the detail supporting each risk scenario to better understand the variables driving their exposures.